Children’s Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Q and A

When your child is ill or injured, it can feel like an emergency even if it isn’t, and this is when children’s urgent care is so helpful. They can provide non-emergency, walk-in care with no booking required. We provide this kind of care here at AFC Urgent Care Bradenton, so you can bring your child in to see us if your child needs any kind of urgent care. We’re your neighborhood children’s urgent care and walk-in clinic in Bradenton, FL! Call us or walk into our clinic located at 5925 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard Bradenton, FL 34211. Serving patients from Bradenton FL, Samoset FL, Ellenton FL, Oneco FL, Whitfield FL, Sarasota FL and West Bradenton FL.

Children's Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Q and A
Children's Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Q and A

Can you take a child to urgent care?

You certainly can take your child to urgent care under many circumstances. Most urgent care clinics can see patients of any age, including children, and provide pediatric urgent care. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that urgent care is for non-emergency health situations only. For emergency situations, the ER (emergency room) is the only option for care. An example of an emergency situation for a child is fever in an infant.

There are lots of instances, though, when urgent care is the best choice for healthcare. You should go to urgent care whenever a situation is non-life-threatening but urgent, like when your child:

  • Has a minor sports injury or another injury
  • Has a minor illness like the flu
  • Needs a physical exam right away for sports or school
  • Is behind in their immunization schedule and needs a shot
  • And in other similar situations

Urgent care can provide non-emergency care quicker than the ER, a physician, or a pediatrician can. Urgent care is also quite affordable for many people.

Can I get my child’s prescription from an urgent care provider?

This is another service urgent care can provide! If your child needs a prescription written up, urgent care can do this for you, or if your child needs a prescription refilled, urgent care can do this instead. After, they can send the prescription to your neighborhood pharmacy for easy pickup. Since you don’t need an appointment to see an urgent care doctor, you can just go there, get the prescription, and go home in next to no time. You can get many other services from an urgent care provider, all available on a walk-in basis.

What services does a children’s urgent care offer?

Here at AFC Urgent Care Bradenton, we’re able to provide the services we’ve mentioned and many more. Here’s a bit of a list of some of the common children’s care services we offer:

  • Prescriptions and prescription refills
  • Pediatric physical exams, sports physicals, school physicals, and others
  • Sports injury treatment and treatment for other minor injuries
  • Treatment for minor illnesses or infections like strep throat
  • Immunizations
  • Lab work
  • Digital X-rays
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Advice for parents
  • Referrals to see specialists for conditions like ADHD
  • And many more kinds of pediatric healthcare

Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about any of our services. You’re also welcome to just come visit us in-person. We’d be delighted to meet you and your child and become a part of your child’s healthcare team!

Where is your children’s care and walk-in clinic in Bradenton, FL?

AFC Urgent Care Bradenton is located over at 5925 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard Bradenton, Florida 34211. You can come visit us today, if you like, no appointment necessary, or you can call our clinic at (727) 201-8585 with any questions for us. We’re available to you and your young one 7 days a week.

Don’t hesitate to reach out or come to our clinic if your child needs our care. We can see you right away and help your child right on the spot. We look forward to your visit!